The history of Chais Monnet

Since 1838 to the present day...

The history of Chais Monnet

In the 19th century, the town of Cognac had a dozen trading houses. The need to have stocks of eau-de-vie to meet orders was becoming increasingly crucial. On 24 March 1838, Pierre Antoine de Salignac planned to create an innovative company in the form of a cooperative. He bought a plot of land in an exceptional location and decided to build a vast industrial complex.

In 1898, the Salignac family was ousted; the company came under the control of Jean-Gabriel Monnet and became a limited company in 1920. The company’s symbol is the salamander. Jean-Gabriel’s son, Jean Monnet, succeeded him at the head of the company during the inter-war period, before embarking on a brilliant political career. A visionary and talented man, he also became a builder, being one of the architects and founding fathers of the European Union.

During the 20th century, his character, as well as the exceptional quality of his cognacs, contributed to forging the solid reputation of the House of Monnet, thus opening the doors to the international market. It even became the official supplier to the Royal Court of Sweden and was recognised as one of the best cognacs in the United States. Eager to revive this remarkable site, the town of Cognac, which has owned Maison Monnet since 2006, found a visionary in the person of Javad Marandi, a great entrepreneur and owner of Soho Farmhouse in England, who was able to transform the site into a luxury hotel. He surrounded himself with the architect Didier Poignant to work on the rebirth of this majestic heritage by transforming the site into a haven of tranquillity and elegance.