Between modernity & industrial heritage

The architect Didier Poignant and his work

The property is classic in style and consists mainly of wine cellars that were revolutionary at the time of their construction, in their design and structure.

For architect Didier Poignant (Royal Monceau, Grand Hôtel Intercontinental, The Hoxton Paris…), the challenge was considerable, since the transformation of an industrial building into a hotel complex was the first of its kind in France. The starting point for his work were the many treasures of the site, such as the “Grand Chai des foudres”, known as the “Cathedral”, which has a remarkable framework: the original 260 hectolitre tuns that have stood the test of time, not to mention the two spacious ageing cellars of 1500 m2, designed in the form of two large halls.

The restoration of this industrial wasteland required the rehabilitation of the main existing buildings, but also the integration of new buildings. To do this, the architect cleared the perspectives and volumes, and linked the four cellars by a glass space, where all the main reception functions of the hotel are now grouped.

The only contemporary building covers its glass facades with spectacular steel tendrils, evoking vine stocks. It houses rooms, a conference room and a spa. Its contemporary appearance marks the major change in functionality, drawing its formalism from the imagination of the old activities.