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Le 1838,

Located in the maison Monnet’s former cooperage, with around 400 different cognacs from more than 40 producers, The 1838 is a cognac aficionado’s heaven. However, if your tastes run elsewhere, the bar also stocks a large selection of other spirits and champagnes carefully selected by Hôtel Chais Monnet’s very own sommelier, Grégory Mio. With its comfy leather armchairs and jazzy vibe, the 1838 provides the ideal setting to relax with one of head bartender Adrien Charpentier’s latest creations. Save the date! The 1838 hosts live music by local musicians every weekend.


Open every day 17.00-1.00

La Distillerie

When our chef Sébastien Broda imagined La Distillerie, his intention was to create a modern brasserie with a menu based on fresh, locally sourced produce and seasonal eating.


Les Foudres

However, just as the course of the Charente river is shaped by the terrain it traverses, my culinary lexicon has been influenced by my life experiences...


Angélique Café

Bonbon bar, The Angélique, is named after the wild herb angelica, also called “Angel’s grass” in France, and which has grown since the dawn of time in this region.


Eating in

Bruuuuuuunch 😍😍😍😍😍😍🇫🇷 Notre chef de la Distillerie, @olivier_renaud06 faisait son marché ce matin avec notre joli tote bag que l🇫🇷 WEEKEND PRIVILÈGE ! 
Ce weekend nous fêtons l🇫🇷 Aujourd🇫🇷 Petit tour d

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