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Our fine dining restaurant Les Foudres invites guests to discover our region’s flavours and the innovative cuisine of Executive Chef Sébastien Broda in the unique setting of a historic ‘Chais’, surrounded by ancient Cognac barrels.

A letter from Executive Chef Sébastien Broda

From the fresh waters of the meandering river that gives the area its name, to the salt flats and sandy beaches of the neighbouring Charente Maritime where river meets ocean, water is a leitmotif in this rich and varied region, one of France’s best-kept secrets.

From our standpoint here in the heart of the Charente region, at the birthplace of eau de vie, the very “water of life”, each of the four cardinal points offers a rich abundance of France’s finest.

Follow the river from its source in the east, from the open grazing grounds of the Limousin and its prestigious eponymous cattle, as it flows north towards France’s richest dairy-producing region, the Poitou, famous for its goat’s cheese and the highly prized Echiré “queen of butters” with its silky texture and fresh sweet flavour. Continue south and the Périgord stretches out before us, its gastronomic tradition, its iconic truffle groves, foie gras and other gems promising a memorable dining experience to satisfy both gourmand and gourmet. And lastly, heading west, we reach the Atlantic seaboard with its traditional fishing ports and daily catch, where markets offer the unforgettable experience of our specially matured fines de claire oysters.

Closer to home, leaving the cobbled streets of Cognac’s old town behind, you can then explore the vineyards of the grande champagne plateau, and perhaps taste the local grapes that give us our wine, our pineau and of course, our famous cognac.

Here in this historic building, amongst these ancient barrels, we would like to invite you not just to enjoy your meal, but to meet the region’s producers, the men and women who have made our terroir what it is today. My aim is to bring to your table the memory of their traditions and craftsmanship handed down through the ages, to form a bond between past and present. Like the locks that measure out the miles on the Charente river, each dish is intended as a pause on the journey towards discovering the intangible heritage that is this region’s gastronomy.

However, just as the course of the Charente river is shaped by the terrain it traverses, my culinary lexicon has been influenced by my life experiences, so as you travel through our terroir, don’t be surprised if you encounter flavours from elsewhere, the sharp tang of citrus fruit or the nutty sweetness of olive oil, for example.

I hope you enjoy your culinary voyage of discovery!

Sébastien Broda


Open wednesday – sunday :
12.00-14.00 & 19.30-21.30

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